5 Creative Uses for Recycled Materials

Creative Uses for Recycled Materials

There are a ton of ways to repurpose and reuse household items. Image Source

You would be surprised to see what you can do with the ordinary things lying around your house!

As students in Lewis and Clark Community College’s OTA program, we are constantly reusing, recycling, and finding new ways to make things.

Being creative is key! Things that you may usually throw away can be made into items that can help a client regain skills or improve a skill that was lost due to an injury or illness. When you become creative your pocket book becomes bigger as well.

Reusing common household items can save you trips to the store and save you time. Here are 5 creative ways to make use of items you probably have sitting around at home! You can recycle and save money!

Colorful Creatures

Plastic bottles can be transformed into colorful creatures. Image Source

1. Take a used water bottle and fill it up with cotton balls or colorful shredded paper and play bowling! This is a great gross motor activity that focuses on strength, depth perception, and eye-hand coordination. The one I made turned into a penguin! The toddlers really enjoyed this activity!

Buttons and Beads

Buttons and beads can be used for many craft projects or to keep hands busy. Image Source

2. Make use of unused small items such as buttons or beads… or whatever you can find in your junk drawer! Have the client use his hands to manipulate the small objects in order to pick them up and place them in a small container (you could cut a slit in a used plastic butter or yogurt container).  This recycled project will work on pinch strength, eye-hand coordination, and visual motor skills.

Infinity Loop

Recycled materials can be repurposed into therapeutic toys. Image Source

3. Using a paper plate, you could create an Infinity Loop. What a fun idea… the client focuses on moving the ball around the edges of the paper plate while working on bilateral coordination skills, motor control, and visual motor skills.

Box Puzzle

Any kind of box can be repurposed into a puzzle. Image Source

4. Ever wonder what to do with old cereal boxes? Cut one up to make a puzzle out of it! You can make a 6 piece puzzle or a 15 piece puzzle! This recycled activity works on fine motor skills, figure ground, and problem-solving!


Buckles and fasteners can help improve fine motor skills. Image Source

5. Another great idea is to collect buckles and fasteners from backpacks, purses, bags, belts, coats or whatever you can find. This is a great way to work on hand strength, problem-solving, and bilateral coordination.

What items from around your house have you used for treatments with clients? Share some of your favorites in the comments below.